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I’ve wanted to go to Australia for as long as I could remember and I was so glad I finally got to visit recently. I absolutely love to try new food and different restaurants and every time I travel, I make sure my food experiences are always enjoyable, whether it be eating street food or at five star restaurants.

Melbourne’s streets and famous alleys are packed with amazing bars and restaurants and what’s amazing about the place is that it’s very similar to the US in the sense, there isn’t really a national cuisine like there is in Italy or Thailand. (obviously there are certain things that are a must try while in Australia though). It’s extremely multicultural and the population seemed very young.

But, amongst all of the restaurants, I tried Maha.

Maha is located in the sub-basement of Bond Street and it is Chef Shane Delia’s restaurant. It is middle eastern cuisine like you have never had before.

When you walk in, you are welcomed by beautiful decor and a somber, romantic ambiance. However, I also saw a lot of large groups, so whether it’s a romantic dinner for two or a group outing, it’s a great place to go.

On the menu, you have three options, the 8 course, the 6 course, or the 4 course. My husband and I decided to go with the 4 course because let’s be honest–it was the cheapest option and let me tell you, Australia is expensive. I thought we would have to choose one from each category, however, the 4 course apparently has the most food because they bring out everything they have on the menu, the only difference is that it is shared and not served individually.

The food was delicious and fresh. Every dish was so well thought out and unique. Before eating at Maha, I had never tried Turkish dumplings or had cucumber and leeks prepared in muhammara sauce. The menu was so thought out and every single thing we tried was delicious. AND they really cater to vegan and vegetarian diets! I thought there was no way we could finish all of the food we got, but we sure did.

Take a look at the pictures but I would HIGHLY recommend going here, so much so, I decided to write my first blog post about it.

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The amazingggg Turkish dumpings I mentioned earlier!

Check out Maha’s website if you ever find yourself in Melbourne!