7-Day Trip Itinerary to Jordan

This is going to be a nice long flight to Amman, Jordan. I ended up flying Turkish Airlines and really enjoyed the layover in Istanbul along with their customer service. You can definitely spend more time in Jordan but I thought a week was a good amount of time to see and experience the wonders of this country.

You can get a visa upon arrival or buy the Jordan Pass that includes entrance to numerous destinations in Jordan, such as Petra and also encompasses the visa fees depending on how long you are staying in the country.

Overall, I didn’t know what to expect from Jordan but it truly ended up being one of my favorite countries I have visited. The people are amazing, along with the culture, food, and history.

Day 1: Arrive in Amman, Jordan

  1. Transportation:
    • Make sure to rent a car, you are going to be using it for the rest of the time in Jordan, it’s honestly the easiest way to get around.
    • If you’re from the US, you’ll be happy because you’re driving on the same side of the road.
    • Make sure you ask for an automatic car unless you prefer to drive stick.
  2. Hotels:
    • Intercontinental Amman
      • If at all possible, I always veer towards the IHG properties and these hotels usually never disappoint.
      • This specific hotel is near the downtown/Rainbow Street area and seemed perfectly situated.
      • The amenities are amazing.

Day 2: Spend the Day in Amman, Jordan

  1. Sites to Visit:
    • Visit Downtown/Rainbow Street
    • Visit the Citadel
  2. Where to Eat:
    • Hashem Restaurant
      • Hashem Restaurant was phenomenal. It was definitely the best meal I had in the country. It is unassuming and you really have a crowd of locals along with people visiting. I read all about this restaurant and how Presidents and other famous people have eaten here, which means I usually steer away from these kinds of places. But one of my friends was recommended this restaurant repeatedly by individuals on the flight over to Jordan.
      • There is no menu and everything is vegetarian. For about 4 people, the whole meal ended up costing like $15.00. Really not bad at all for such a delicious meal!
  3. Drive to Dead Sea
    • it will take you about 1.5 hours or so to get there
    • The drive was really easy and when you get to the Dead Sea, you will realize there isn’t really much out there other than all of the resorts nearby
  4. Accommodation:
    • Intercontinental Amman checkout
    • Crowne Plaza Dead Sea
      • Enjoy the pools at this hotel, they are gorgeous and honestly, have such a stunning view
      • This hotel also has access to the Dead Sea –> you are really not going to want to spend a ton of time in the Dead Sea. The salt content is extremely high and it really does burn your eyes. Beware of putting on sunscreen before getting in the water, my body felt like it was on fire for the first 10 minutes. BUT despite that, floating around in the water was such an amazing experience. We met a guide that was on holiday with some friends and he invited us to put black clay on our body, it’s supposed to get rid of all of the impurities. It was a great experience.

Day 3: Dead Sea

  1. Spend your day relaxing and enjoying the amenities of the area. As I stated earlier, this is more of a relaxation place and there really isn’t a ton to do around the area.
  2. Restaurant Recommendations:
    • Burj Al Hamam
      • This was a really delicious Lebanese Restaurant. It was definitely one of the nicer restaurants in the Crowne Plaza but every single we tried at this restaurant was extremely flavorful. We ended up finishing every bite of all of the food we ordered, and it was a lot.

Day 4: Drive to Petra

  1. Transportation:
    • Remember, you already rented a car by this point and this is how you will be getting to Petra.
    • I took the King’s Highway to get to Petra because it was more scenic. You will have options of whether or not you want to cut off in specific places but that will be up to you. The drive is very beautiful and ended up getting pretty curvy during certain points. During the curvy portion, you really need to concentrate and won’t see much of anything around you. It will take you around 3 to 3.5 hours to get to Petra.
    • Leave as early as you can so you can beat the crowds to Petra.
  2. Visit Petra
    • With the Jordan Pass, you have access to Petra so that is extremely helpful
    • When you get to Petra, people will try to convince you that the hike is too long, that it will take you 15 hours to finish. That you should go on a horse or go in their jeep. If you are in decent shape DO NOT listen to any of this. You will be completely fine walking Petra. It is quite a walk, but it was so beautiful and my friends and I really enjoyed it.
    • If you think hiking to the monastery will be too difficult, think of climbing Little Petra first and climbing down from the monastery, it will be a lot easier.
  3. Things to take to Petra
    • sunscreen
    • a hat
    • lots of water
    • wear hiking shoes or sneakers
    • especially if you are going in summer, dress accordingly, it gets extremely warm and no one will look at you funny for wearing shorts (at least not in this specific place in Jordan).
  4. Petra by Night:
    • Think about doing Petra by night as well, it is lit up and a different experience.
  5. Stay in Wadi Musa over night (I ended up just driving to Wadi Rum) but you should probably stay in the area if you are going Petra by night.

Day 5: Wadi Rum

  1. Accommodation:
    • Wadi Rum Night Luxury Camp
      • Once you arrive. You park your car and a 4×4 picks you up and takes you to the camp. Civilians are not allowed to drive in the sand, and it makes complete sense why.
      • I stayed in one of their bubble tents and it was one of the most amazing experiences I’ve had. The amenities were phenomenal for being in the middle of a desert, definitely better than a lot of hotels I’ve even stayed in.
      • Dinner is included, so enjoy the buffet and the entertainment along with the bedouin tea provided to you.
      • I’ve never seen such a full and bright sky before and it was awesome that you can just lay in bed and look at them.
      • This is my favorite part of my whole entire trip.
  2. Activities:
    • Go on a Sunset Tour through Wadi Rum
      • You drive through Wadi Rum and are taken to a spot to view the sunset. There is absolutely no one else around you. You are provided some Bedouin Tea and snacks and driven back to camp. We were also able to see some Nabeatean carvings and took a pit stop to get close to some camels and even feed them some pita bread. Who knew camels liked pita, but then again, who doesn’t?
      • The bedouin guide we had was amazing, he was so upbeat and really just wanted to make sure we were having a great time and really soaking in the beauty of Wadi Rum.
  3. Food:
    • Dinner and breakfast are included in your package.

Day 6: Wadi Rum and Drive to Aqaba

  1. Food:
    • Breakfast in included in your package and after breakfast, you can get your stuff together and will be escorted back to your car.
  2. Activities:
    • Sunrise tour of Wadi Rum:
      • You leave around 4:50 a.m. and it is similar to the sunset tour but you will likely be in a different area to make sure you have the best view of the sunrise.
    • On the way back to your car in Petra, I got to stop at some dunes and spent a while playing around there. The color of the sand was so beautiful and red.
    • The bedouin guide we had was amazing, he was so upbeat and really just wanted to make sure we were having a great time and really soaking in the beauty of Wadi Rum.
    • Visit the markets in Aqaba.
    • Spend the day diving in Aqaba, the reefs are amazing and the water is beautiful.
    • If you’d like you can cross over into Israel and spend some time in Eilat, which is also gorgeous. I just ended up going to Israel after my trip in Jordan ended so this is what I ended up doing eventually and it was relatively less stressful than I thought it would be.
  3. Drive to Aqaba
    • it will take you about 2 hours or less to get here.
    • Aqaba is a beautiful city by the water and really worth visiting, especially if you like diving.
  4. Accommodations:

Day 7: Fly or Drive back to Amman to take your flight out

  1. the drive takes you around 4.5 hours and the flight is 50 minutes and there are two flights day to take you back to Amman.

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