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Where to Stay in Palm Springs, California

You may have heard of Palm Springs (featured in Mad Men among so many other shows) and you may have seen the beautiful pictures of the golf courses and palm trees.

So you’ve decided to go to Palm Springs or are planning on going to Palm Springs and you’re parsing through the hotels wondering which one of these hotels to stay in. During your search, you will see that Palm Springs is not the cheapest place to go. You will wonder what the hell is out in Palm Springs, California anyway. And you may even wonder if it’s worth visiting. Well, let me tell you, Palm Springs is for the individual that wants to relax and wants to soak in all the sun. It is very quaint and adorable and the hotels are also exactly that.

Now, if you’re wondering why the hell I’m writing about hotels in Palm Springs, it’s because it’s a pretty important part of your vacation when you visit. You end up spending a lot of time relaxing at your hotel. So…without further ado, here is a review of the places I’ve visited in Palm Springs and what I thought of them. Hopefully you find it helpful!

Avalon Hotel Palm Springs

I stayed at this gorgeous hotel when I went to Palm Springs for a Bachelorette Party. It was such a cute place. It’s not a huge property but the rooms were very modern and extremely spacious. We also ended up getting a bungalow on top of the regular room for some of the other girls and it was decorated well and was spacious. It had a living room, a little dining room, and a kitchen.

The pool at this hotel was very relaxing and not extremely crowded, which I appreciated. They do not have a DJ, if you are looking for a pool party, this is probably not the best hotel for you. BUT if you’re looking for great amenities, it definitely is because it has an amazing spa! I got the best massage at this spa and the facilities for you to relax afterwards were amazing, including an outdoor jacuzzi.

The palm trees swaying in the background as you watch the sunset definitely helps with the whole ambiance.

This hotel had a great restaurant called Chi Chi, which had delicious food and it was extremely intimate. I loved the outdoor lighting and seating. They catered well to our big party.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this hotel, however, it is on the steeper end of what you may want to pay. Definitely good for groups.

Ace Hotel

When you think hipster, chic, and Palm Springs, you think of the Ace Hotel and that definitely holds true (that almost sounds redundant, I know, but trust me, visit and you’ll understand what I mean.) This hotel is so damn nice with one AMAZING pool and a beautiful mural wall. The property is pretty large but the amenities are amazing and it’s a great place to relax. The Ace Hotel has an event space and I attended a wedding here, it was beautiful and actually larger than I expected!

They have a cute bar/restaurant called the Amigo Room that was open relatively late by Palm Springs standards.

Again, this hotel is on the steeper end, but it seems like most places in Palm Springs are usually expensive. If you go in April, it will be more expensive because of Coachella.

V Palm Springs

I’ve stayed at this hotel twice now and I had two different experiences. The first time, I loved this hotel, the room was spacious, the bathroom was beautiful and the pool was great. Most of all, I really enjoyed the drinks on the menu at the outdoor bar near the pool. The service was fantastic and they had a live DJ, which I really liked.

The second time I stayed here, the room was still great, the live DJ was still great but the pool was absolutely packed. It was hard to even find a spot to sit and it took about 20 minutes to even order a drink at the bar. I still ended by having fun and this is definitely a cheaper option compared to most of the hotels in Palm Springs. Just don’t expect the fastest service when it comes to their outdoor bar.

On a positive note, they do have pool floaties, if you’re into that!

Riviera Palm Springs

This is one of the bigger hotels in Palm Springs. Their pool parties are pretty popular seeing as how the pool is huge! They have cabanas with bottle service but also just places you can lay down your towel and hang out. Surprisingly, this hotel has pretty decent prices and their amenities are also great. The only downside is that it is much bigger which means there are more people you have to deal with. But if you’re into the big hotels, then this is for you.

I unfortunately didn’t have my camera or phone to take my own pictures of this hotel but take a look at their website.

The Parker Palm Springs

I absolutely love the Parker. Too bad you will have to sell a kidney to stay here. It is damn expensive, but I guess there’s a reason for that… maybe….probably? As soon as you walk in, you will see the really interesting decor. It’s changed every time I’ve visited but it is so unique. I love their dreamcatcher wall and all of the beautiful couches and chairs they have.

They have the cutest bar and so many beautiful restaurants such as Norma’s and Mister Parkers.

They have various pools, tennis courts, and an adorable lemonade stand. Need I say more?

It’s hard to find this hotel because you won’t see huge signs for it. But, even if you aren’t staying here, I would recommend going to Norma’s for brunch so you can see this unique property.

If you are in fact willing to sell that kidney, definitely stay here!

Honorable Mentions: The Saguaro is extremely popular from what I hear but I haven’t stayed here. Arrive is a newer hotel that’s gotten popular and is very close to downtown Palm Springs. However, if you want something much bigger, check out Hotel Zoso, it used to be the Hardrock. OR if all else fails and none of these places are doing it for you, you could always rent a house with an amazing pool and hang out there.

Otherwise, enjoy those palm trees and that sun in sunny Palm Springs!

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